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Rich Israelis Spend a Fortune on This Food – and Don't Even Eat It

As Israel emerges from the pandemic, the desire to splurge together with the surreal mania of fundraising and buyouts in the high-tech sector have created a new gourmet craze.
Asaf Koren, the CEO of Karat Caviar at Kibbutz Dan, had a lot of reasons to worry when the coronavirus pandemic erupted. The plant that he manages on the banks of the Dan River in Israel’s north has been raising female Russian sturgeon fish since 1992.

It takes seven years before the fish mature and begin producing caviar. In the midst of a pandemic, if restaurants in Israel or abroad are closed, years of effort and investment could go down the drain. But to his surprise, during the pandemic, as well as in recent months, when restrictions have been eased in the restaurant business, the plant’s revenues have grown twofold compared to prior years.

“During the coronavirus, there were a lot of home chef meals with dishes that included our product. With the exit from the coronavirus, restaurants have returned to work and the demand is surprising us,” Koren said.
Read at: https://www.haaretz.com

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