Sustainability and innovation are vital to us. Since we established the farm in 1992, our research and development teams have worked tirelessly to ensure that our farming practices and facilities remain cutting-edge.

Our ongoing investment in R&D enables us to maintain the highest standards of quality consistently. We do that by farming in the purest fresh water, feeding our sturgeon a unique formula developed in-house (one of our most guarded trade secrets), and employing years-long experience bolstered by new developments in aqua farming technology. Our customers know they can expect the highest quality caviar year after year.

Our Incubator:

Since 2007, when our fish stock first reached maturity, we produce a new cycle of fingerlings ourselves every year. This, together with cutting-edge R&D and our farming facilities, ensures the quality of our sturgeons.

Science of
Gender Selection

In 2021, we began using genetic markers to sort female and male sturgeons. Utilizing fin DNA specimens, this technology was developed in-house and replaces less advanced methods such as ultrasound and endoscopy. Our state-of-the-art lab uses the most advanced PCR and DNA research equipment.

The Ideal

Having different types of breeding pools at the farm allows us to provide the fish with the most optimal living environment. We further ensure the best conditions by relying on water supply from two different sources. Fresh cold water straight from the Dan river spring combine with water at a higher temperature that we draw from large collection ponds. This way we guarantee an ideal water temperature throughout the year.

Water Quality Control

We conduct 24/7 monitoring of water temperature and oxygen levels. Data is continually fed into our control center and analyzed, and oxygen generators are automatically employed when a drop in oxygen levels is detected.


Sustainable farming starts with creating the optimal habitat for our sturgeons. Sustainable practices and innovation inform everything we do on the farm, from maintaining water quality to ensuring our pools are never too crowded. Optimal environmental conditions, nutrition, and minimal intervention health monitoring allow our sturgeons to thrive in a stress-free environment.


We use a biopsy to confirm that the caviar is ready for harvest. We only produce caviar from fish that meet Karat Caviar’s highest quality standards.