Karat Caviar is delivered in three exquisite varieties - Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic. Each with its own distinct presence and flavor.


It is easy to enjoy caviar. For enhanced flavor experience, you may use special utensils, but these are not required. Here are some tips, recipes, and suggestions.

Karat Caviar’s story is an incredible true tale about an exceptional and rare delicacy and the people who brought it to the Galilee, in northern Israel. It is a story about passion, innovation, and entrepreneurship, the story of one of the world’s most exciting aquaculture startups.

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Whether you enjoy caviar regularly or have just discovered this unique delicacy, it’s good to touch up on the basics of caviar preparation and service.


Today Karat Caviar is a symbol of not only prestige and quality but of sustainability.
The Karat farming facilities combine untouched sources of water and state-of-art technological approach, making the whole enterprise both sustainable and highly productive.